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A fully responsive modern and intuitive website

Diefac Logo

Diefac Homepage

Unique masonry grid

On the home page there is a mixture of their products, social media links and quotes (which say something about what they do). For this content a new masonry grid was created to give it a more unique look. Grids can be helpful, but they can also be very generic. This grid is especially made for Diefac and is therefore unique and changes shape in different sizes/devices.

Diefac Masonry grid

Diefac responsive website

Fully responsive

The website is fully responsive which means it works perfect on a smartphone, tablet, laptop and a desktop (even a big display screen). We've built in several breakpoints and took into account all these different devices while designing and developing.

Diefac smartphone

Diefac smartphone design

Diefac menu

Fullscreen menu

The menu is a fullscreen overlay that takes over the complete website. 

Diefac menu

Diefac menu

Diefac fotografie

Content = king

Content is really important and gives your brand a face. That's why we defined photography principles that improve the quality of their photos and keeps it consistent. They have also built a professional photostudio so they can make photos of the products. We've created a full screen photogallery so they can show the products they've made.

Diefac fotogalerij

Diefac fotogalerij